Home from Home


When I first stood my 2 feet on Happy Horse Haven Rescue land, I felt a feeling I had never experienced before in all my 51 years. I put it down to being tired after the long flight and travelling from UK. We spent a pleasant hour or two in the darkness of the Texan night sitting on the porch and listening to the crickets...

The following morning I rose with the sun and went out to greet its warm face. The feeling I had expected to leave on my pillows was still with me...I was, without a doubt...home.

I met some of the senior residents and took some photos then work began. We went to find the 'back herd'.  The call Shari used to call them stopped me in my tracks. Being a Texan Gal her unique cattle-call came from her trail drive days at the YO ranch over 20 years ago. I was bent double laughing as they came...horses running, kicking up the dust as they ran to greet the hay we put out for them ....numbers 30...35...40 more..all colours, shapes and sizes...breath taking. Shari introduced each and every one by name and told each one's story..I had stopped laughing now..This for me was when I became utterly convinced that Shari Frederick was to be a lifelong friend. The fact that she knew each and every one is testimony to her knowledge Equines in her care. The leaders, the followers and all those in-between. Herds within the one big group. Interactions were predicted and observed. As an equine behaviorist I found this somewhat of a treat to see. We could interact with the group too which was really special..to be part of this 40 or so, strong herd...Shari's dedication to her cause is, without doubt, unquestionable. Her love for them all is written on her face. She smiles with her eyes as they interact and her heart is so full you can feel it when standing next to her. It is contagious..I found myself falling in love with this herd too.

There is a similarity in Shari and & I

 We are the same height. The same age, wear the same sized boots, laugh at stupid stuff, wear our hair long (because we can't find the time to get it cut), dance in the kitchen, work hard, sleep badly and suffer no fools. We cry at the injustice of the humanity and simply do not understand how everyone else doesn't feel the same way we do about it all.

I see in Shari the hardest working woman I have ever met and her dedication to her cause I will humbly support  for as long as I draw breath. 

The days that followed were spent working, teaching and learning. For me? I was learning about Shari ..I was building a foundation so deep it seemed to travel through centuries. We were building a friendship that seemed to span time...We just slotted into a friendship that just is. 

In the Autumn of my life I found my Heart's Homeland.
A place, secreted away in the Heart of Texas.

I take Eagle Flight & soar above clouds to touchdown.

They know when I'm Home, & crowd round to steal my breath,

Waiting in the darkness.

I walk this land with horses past and present.

Old friends reside here, as well as new,

We stand in The Creek I visit every New Moon,

And pay gratitude to Our Mother for sending the rain.

For it nourishes the life

That has been here.

That Is still Here.

That will always be Here

For This is My Hearts Homeland.......

For Shari Frederick...without her I would still be searching...... Zeb Graham-Howard International Reiki Master Teacher

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