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The #1 goal of Happy Horse Haven Rescue is to rehab, bomb-proof & ADOPT OUT any animal that arrives at our facility to safe, reliable, financially responsible homes.  (An approved adoption form is required.)  We primarily rescue horses (& a few donkeys/mules/dogs/cats/birds) to avoid their euthanization or horses going to slaughter.             Since 2010 & continuing in 2012 (& beyond) we ALSO heavily network and adopted out animals in need of  homes, who go directly to the adoptive family from the place of rescue.  This enables us to avoid being overloaded here yet also allows us to support more animals overall.  We have taken in humane society/legally seized, abused, starved & neglected horses, owner surrenders, track & breeder discards etc.  We would love to take in any animal in need, but we simply cannot take them all.  With over 9 years in rescue we realize we MUST limit the number of horses at our property. We simply do not have enough money, grass, manpower to properly deal with each animals special needs on a daily basis.  Having no grass or rain in 2011/2012 quadrupled our hay needs (& COSTS!), which formerly was more of a winter need.    In October 2011 we had 52 horses, but average 50 at the rescue location.  We found homes for almost 50 animals in 2011 as well.  ALL profit, after tax & insurance, on a small rental (owned by Shari Frederick) located @ 609 N Buffalo in Cleburne, Texas 76033, as well as another location on 317 Pendell in Cleburne, Texas 76033 goes to support daily feed & hay needs at the rescue, as has any income brought in by Shari Frederick over the past 8+ years.  We received no donations our first 2+ years.  Into our 3rd year an average of $1,500 per year in monetary donations came in plus we began receiving an assortment of much needed used materials & tack over the next 3 years.  In 2009 we received $10,000 in property donations-a 4 stall shed & galvanized tin from which we made a pole barn roof, and in 2010 we received $10,000 in cash donations.  In 2011 we received $18,000 in donations.  Fortunately our financial supports have dramatically increased over the past two years which has enabled us to almost cover feed costs.  We still need so many more supports such as a hay barn, more shelters, equipment & other necessary supports.  We have no employees.  All work is primarily done by Shari Frederick, who takes no salary for 7+ years.  We have an occasional volunteer such as David P. who volunteered in 2010 (& Jon T. who formerly volunteered here for 6 weeks).  Mr. WD Crain joined our support team in late 2010 & in 2011/12 the Round Rock American Legion consistently focuses on supporting HHH Rescue when they can!

Our rescue Face Book page is currently under:
shari frederick & Happy Horse Haven Rescue
Here you can view the 100's of photos of all the horses at HHH, the site is 100% about the rescue. We have since got to grips with Facebook and now have a dedicated Happy Horse Haven Rescue page there too. Face Book friends tell us they enjoy following our activities via our over 100 photograph albums. The rescue has gained many supporters through our photo albums of new arrivals, adoptions, horses in wonderful new homes, farrier work, ground work, bomb proofing, training's, the delight in the eyes of "new first time riders", progress reports on poor horses etc. For a good example of a rehab go to Facebook Shari Frederick page and look for Journey.You will see for your selves just what amazing work can be done with YOUR help.
Haute Horsey Habits on Face Book (Non Profit)
is one of fund raisers (designed to support our rescue & also to support other non profits by allowing them to obtain quality equine goods at ONLY $1 over our cost-with no salary to the artist or creator/organizer).  It is through the generosity & obvious talent of Texas artist: Laurie Justus Pace, that we launched Haute (meaning high quality, unique) Horsey Habits (meaning Equine clothing & accessories).   We have one of a kind T-shirts, bags, caps, note cards & other gorgeous FINE ART EQUINE products!  The art is Laurie Justus Pace, product designs are by Shari Frederick who also plans to market the "gift with donation line",
but is looking for a savvy volunteer to take this line & run with it nationally!  **2011 We have a 13 pc GIFT set of POST CARDs.  A top card shows ALL 13 designs in the set. & .com
Horse Rescue Faces was our first fund raiser (in 2009).  We created a deck of cards featuring 77 rescued horses separately photographed on each of the cards (& card box).  The cards have their "own .com web site" which tells the story of each horses journey up to arrival in rescue.  The card decks name  & .com
Horses Have Heart is a line of note cards featuring rescued horse pictures on a variety of unique Equine blank note cards, as well as a line of "Equine message" cards.  We will launch this line in 2011.  Dec. 2010 we made a few "expressive eye" blank note cards for a local gift show which were very well received, as well as some of our Equine message cards were a big hit!  Photos are taken by Shari Frederick of horses at the rescue, then thought provoking phrases or funny gestures are added to the front of the card photos (inside the card is always bographer takes no money & all profit goes to help horsesThis site will be designated the "selling" or  "gift for donation" site to show off all of the fund raising products to potential donors.
We are looking for a savvy volunteer to take this line & run with it nationally! & .com 
HelpHorsesHeal is to be the "marketing site" for the fund raisers.  We need help tying everything together.  We are looking for a savvy volunteer to assist in making the products visible & enjoyed on a more national level so that greater "support for horses everywhere"  can come from our efforts!
Healthy Horse Hints   is a national column written by Shari Frederick.  It is dedicated to non biased (unless by lack of exposure) fact based natural support information for horses.  We have over 100 published articles & 50+ photographs (charts etc) primarily featuring the use of non drug equine supports.  We are looking for a publisher to print & market this data (with updates) into a book whose content would help horses by offering alternative support for well being & whose sale would support horses in need.


At this time the & .com  site is being used to compile information on our many websites & projects, & to supply a brief  explanation on the primary focus of each site.  We hope in our identifying a multitude of our projects here, that we will rally more support from those who feel compelled to come to the aid of horses in need, or simply to assist networking like minded people or organizations. 

Feel free to contact us anytime with ideas or contacts, or (of course) to adopt horses:    325-948-3451 (Please leave your name, #, best time to call & a brief description of how we may best reply as we may want to compile information to optimize our discussions.)

We have taken no salary or income from the rescue ever (8 + years) & desire to continue to volunteer on behalf of horses.                         ALL donations-100% - support horses; primarily feed & hay.             We use donations for supplements, shelters etc, but have not received enough donations to go for this need; therefore Shari Frederick supplies the necessary supplements for (primarily) the elderly, injured & ill horses. We have seen good results with Equine Science supplements-they offer a substantial savings to us as a 501c3 & do the same for other rescues who contact them.                                                                             HHH  very occasionally receives used tack &  building materials which are very much appreciated & put to immediate good use!  It is with used tin that we roofed our first barn-an 80 foot pole barn using formerly used telephone poles.  No donation is too large or too small. 

We have a few sponsors such as Equine Science (ES) who generously sponsored Van (our 43 year old Clydesdale & Shorty, a 7 year old paint who is now healthy & is still at the rescue.  Both NEEDED & receive substantial supplemental support from ES to assist their comfort & optimum well being!). 
We also receive a regular $25 monthly donation
(update to $50 per month starting October 2010 & is now $100 in 2012!!) from Ben & Stacy (Ft Worth, Texas), & Laurie (Carrolton, Texas) pledged $100 four times in 2011 for ZORA  the donkey. 
This year we are fortunate to have 2 neighbors who alternate to unload round bales as we do not have a tractor or skid steer.  This is a HUGE help to the rescue as it enables our buying hay in larger sizes at reduced cost.  We could not get the bales off the trailer without the help of our neighbors!

Our ultimate goal is to raise enough funds to support other rescues as well-after our rescue has enough shelters & training tools.
We value a productive facility & do not require new or top of the line materials.  
We do need safe supports that are durable & hopefully withstand the stress of time & daily use. 

The 148 acre rescue facility is owned by Shari Frederick & NO money is paid (or has ever been paid) by the rescue to be located there. 
We are looking for an attorney to volunteer to legally protect our facility to remain as a sanctuary/rescue after my death.  

As you can see (above) we have many projects in place to EARN money for the rescue in an ongoing effort to "self finance" by creating continuous sources of revenue (via gift with donations). 
Your support of these fine products makes a difference & in return we gift back fabulous & unique items such as fine art T shirts, accessories & cards



Shari Frederick
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